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For season 2, Dick Pritchett Real Estate installed two cameras, hoping to enhance the viewing experience.In addition to the nest camera (camera #1), camera #2 is located approximately 100 feet from the next and has the ability to capture images of the nest action outside of Camera #1.Presumably, they engaged in conventional eagle activities: eating fish, tending to a nest, gliding majestically.

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At the beginning of nesting season, wild Bald Eagles return to their ‘home nest’ and begin ‘nestorations.’ Sticks are brought in to reinforce the nest structure, and soft nesting material is replenished to provide the protective nest “bowl” into which eggs will be laid.

Then, thousands of viewers settle down to watch these babies grow and develop from downy bobble-heads to feisty and magnificent Eaglets, ready to take their first flight into what will be a steep learning curve of survival in the wild. This feature allows viewers to comment and ask questions about the eagles and AEF.

Knowledgeable and friendly moderators help guide the discussion and provide insight about the eagles’ behaviors.

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