America sexual

Two findings from the book dominated the conversation: America is riddled with racist and selfish people, and there may be a self-induced abortion crisis in this country.

But there was plenty more revelatory data in the book that we didn’t cover.

Cosby and his doppelganger Cliff Huxtable were collectively America’s — not simply black America’s — favorite dad. Despite the hung jury in his sexual assault trial in Pennsylvania, America’s No.

With its roots in the first perceived sexual revolution in the 1920s, this 'revolution' in 1960s America encompassed many groups who are now synonymous with the era.

The urge to 'find oneself', the activism of the 1960s, and the quest for autonomy were characterized by changes towards sexual attitudes at the time.

While the term 'revolution' implies radical and widespread change, this was not necessarily the case.

So I wanted to follow up with Stephens-Davidowitz to talk about some of the other provocative claims he is making.

I was particularly interested in sexuality and online porn.

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