Body care choices dating fitness

” “I’m lucky, my dad is a chef, and I always had an interest in it myself.Knowledge about food is so useful and I find a lot of the time it comes naturally to make a healthy choice.” The 26-year-old admits that a few years ago, she went so gung-ho with her fitness regime that she ended up turning her back on it entirely. I was sticking to a programme, lifting heavy and I got so strong from it.I have a dead fast metabolism so if I don’t go to the gym I lose weight - I can have five Mc Donalds a day and I’ll still lose weight.I was quite skinny when I was younger so I started going to the gym every night with my mates, then I started upping my protein intake and began getting bigger.

Among those messages is her belief that women don’t need to shave their body hair unless they want to.

It's just nice to embrace the natural beauty that you are..

the beauty that's on the inside AND the outside☺💙 What is beauty anyway? it's to be beautiful before someone else told you what beautiful is supposed to be..

I completely stopped and for the last year and a half I've been really bad haven't been to the gym at all.” However, her passion for exercise has been reignited recently thanks to a 28 day challenge that she came across online.

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