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We encourage users to share your models with the Net Logo user community.You may upload your model through our model upload page. Use it if you prefer to host your model on an external web site.takes us deep within the bowels of Virtual Space Industries, a science facility of high-tech, arcane experiments and oppressively dark blue lens filters.

And that the chimpanzee appears to be dressed in a The Robo Cop outfit consists of a computer-augmented headset, which allows the chimp to play virtual reality games which, along with a course of injections, somehow expand his intelligence.

The hashtag #Free Kesha has been trending hard this year, as fans rally around to support the 29-year-old US popstar in her ongoing legal battle with her record label.

Music stars have fallen out with their bosses many times before, but the circumstances surrounding Kesha and the allegations she has made against long-time collaborator Dr Luke (real name Lukasz Gottwald) are incredibly serious.

This model seeks to recapitulate population dynamics and productivity observed within a bioreactor producing xanthan gum, an important natural polysaccharide.

Different substrates can be explored, with varying energetic value to the cells.

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