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Those are the silent ones who stand there while every day a BLACK MAN is gunned down cuz for the most part they are stripped of compassion and empathy for their OWN kind.

They bury their heads in the sand with that invisible slave chain around their necks in obedience to protect massa's chattel. These are the men [women] who are embarrassed about their race. With the season premiere of Iyanla Vanzant’s “Fix My Life,” the myth of the angry Black woman is once again in the spotlight.

For instance, I know that some Dominican women think that all (or almost all) Dominican men are dogs. I have been to BC three times and I am classified as white and I saw black men (tourists being treated the same way).

Will my friend be stereotyped there, or will he get the royal treatment, as I did? Especially many of the NY soccer team staying at the Hamaca who were going to be playing the Dominican National team. Why do some white people think that all women in other countries adore them? Why else would a pretty 19 year old girl be hanging around an extremely ugly, 60 plus year old man?

She wants to be the girl for his vacation and hopefully the man will keep her around and pay her very well. Happy to say, I found one who is finally different so no more BC for me.

dale7(cutting through the dung) Money is all your friend will need in DR like in all around the world. He needs to put some "GREEN PAPERS" on his pocket and he will attract smiles from even the fishes in the beach.

“As the great philosopher Beyoncé Knowles-Carter once said, ‘When you hurt me, you hurt yourself. Massa-whomever you wanna attach that title to-whether it's the European, Arab or Jew-has always USED the black man as his eunuch to protect the women in massa's harem. So this is something that always been used and the way DNA works? It become INGRAIN in the psych or a new gene will emerge from the repetitiveness of that how sharks follows ships cuz genetically their ancestors once followed slave ships to fed on the slaves thrown or jumped overboard. Some Black men have that gene innately-where they rather be the white woman's or any nonblack female's wrestle in the movement with black women..a fact.

When you diss me you diss yourself.’” Me personally? Cuz I have learned that folks can't change what they don't acknowledge. They gloss over it by saying many black women are angry and blah blah blah and ACT like they NEVER lived in homes with black women, never grew up in an environment surrounded by black women, NEVER seen the pain and agony of what black women go through...can grow up and say I won't date/marry a black me they ignore the fact that black men are SUPPOSED to be black women's HERO. In Asia many men have castrated themselves to join the group of military power rather than fight for the women in their culture. Those black men who stayed and weathered the storm are really the heroes in the black community cuz they are not intimidated by the power and strength of the women in their culture.

Hell no, she just closes her eyes and pretends he's Enrique Iglesias or whoever, it is all about the money.

trip to the DR (Boca Chica), and of course was blown away by my reception by the local women.

(Please park you attitudes at the door - I know this is a loaded subject, so please don't make snap judgements.) I'm white but have a black friend/business associate who heard of my experience and would love to go.

We are not liable for any consequences you might incur from following advice here. I talked to men and women from all of the countries listed below. If you go to one of these countries and you didn't do well, don't blame it on me. There are plenty of websites online where you can chat with foreign women and no, don't go on a dating site. She was gorgeous.because I only talk to one girl from there.

Note: Before posting your question, do a search for it in the Google Search box at the top to see if it's been addressed. Personal experiences are that, personal experiences. One man will do well in a country and another will do poorly and vice versa. Latin America is a confusing and might be a waste of time. Oh yeah and for Pete's sake, please stop using the race card. **Russia is an honorable mention and I am best friends with a Russian girl and I have known her for 3 years.

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