Dating hamster wheel

I gravitated toward classes in Anarchism, Postmodernism, and other areas that were all about questioning the structures of modern day society. First, there was the running on the hamster wheel of excelling at law school, which I did.I got the “honor” of being on Law Review only to learn that it’s mostly an exercise in overwhelming drudgery.It seems like I must be doing something wrong, or else I’m seriously deluded about how awesome I am. Make sure you leave yourself open to the possibility that someone will work out. Please get off the Dating Hamster Wheel of Despair (DHWD)* and free yourself to enjoy that wonderful life without the man-man-mandate. This is the greatest challenge we all face, reconciling ourselves to the absences or disappointments that aren’t entirely in our control.

I remember the moment I told a friend that I was thinking about deleting my various dating accounts. On any given Saturday night, I wanted to be spending time with my friends rather than struggling through a date with some man who talked incessantly about his cats. But I've learned to be happy in the moment, happy for this day, and this time. I once was terrified of dating (online and otherwise), of moving ahead, of the roller coaster ride of it all.

Thinking like a hamster, I'd have to guess you're bored with your cage.

In other words, if relationship catatonia is more enticing than being single, you need to make being single more enticing.

Passing Time This is what dating has become for you.

How do I get off the Dating Hamster Wheel of Despair (DHWD)?

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