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Many years of experience ensure moving to Russia with Gosselin means peace of mind on a crucial point in your life. Big and fascinating cities like Moscow and Saint Petersburg are very different from most European cities we know.

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habilis, and his wife, Mary Leakey, found the first trace of H. These were later classified as "milk teeth", and therefore considered difficult to link to taxa unlike permanent teeth. habilis' brain capacity of around 640 cm³ was on average 50% larger than australopithecines, but considerably smaller than the 1350 to 1450 cm³ range of modern Homo sapiens.Moscow, Saint Petersburg and other big Russian cities burst with employment opportunities and are a challenging work environment.If you make it in Russia, you can make it anywhere.All paper work for your move to Russia is in good hands with Gosselin Mobility. Russian visa, dealing with the immigration services and taking care of contracts.

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