Intimidating legal letters to threaten suit

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America: land of the free and home of the litigious.

For some people, the knee-jerk reaction to conflict is to threaten a lawsuit.

Defamation threats and actions often discourage free speech, including in low-profile cases that never come to the attention of journalists or lawyers.

Keep in mind that people who routinely threaten baseless lawsuits are often just adult versions of playground bullies. Keep this in mind, and do not let a threat worry you inordinately.

Threats of defamation suits are more frequent than suits themselves, and can have the same effect.

In Australia, where defamation laws are quite favourable to plaintiffs, defamation law is an especially powerful tool against free speech (Pullan 1994).

Make sure that the perpetrator’s activities actually fall outside the scope of his/her legal rights.

Remember, people sometimes do annoying or creepy things, but those things are not always illegal.

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