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"Over 20 per cent of them have AIDS and (they) spread various diseases," he said. spreading depravity, they reproduce like hatching machines and as their children have no guardians, they sell them," he added."There is a project, a reality, an opinion, agreed on by many NGOs and the social elite, that if a women is sick, and is also a sex worker and has no place to stay, she should be sterilised with her own approval, and not forcefully".In recent years, there has been a growing crisis in Tehran where street children are born and sold by homeless or poor women living in and around the capital.

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Some said it reminded them of "Nazi cleansing" projects.As Rouhani faces elections for a second term in May 2017, the hardline factions that dominate the security apparatus and judiciary continued to crackdown on citizens for the legitimate exercise of their rights, in blatant disregard of international and domestic legal standards.Iranian dual nationals and citizens returning from abroad were at particular risk of arrest by intelligence authorities, accused of being “Western agents.” Despite an initial slowdown in executions in the first months of 2016, authorities had executed at least 203 individuals by October 25.However, the initiative, while welcomed by several authorities, has not moved forward.On August 2, authorities announced that they had executed at least 20 alleged members of a group Iran considers a terrorist organization on charges of , or “enmity against God.” Rights groups believe that these individuals were among a group of 33 Sunni Kurdish men arrested in 20, and sentenced to death in unfair trials after enduring abuses and torture in detention.

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