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This contact form is merely to contact Car Advice for comments or regarding something you have seen on the site.Once you have submitted all the required details in the form, you will receive a confirmation e-mail and one of our staff members will respond accordingly, generally within 24-48 hours.Live Online Chat Rooms – Live Online Chat Rooms is best free online chat rooms and chat site. Free Live chatting online Live Online Chat Rooms, Live Chat Rooms online in in, and more.Join free online chat rooms and chat with friends, meet new people and more. Billy - a container, usually makeshift, for boiling water or tea; a receptacle used for smoking marijuana. Bludger - a lazy person who evades responsibilities, often applied to one who collects the dole and doesn't try to find work. Bush week - a fictitious week when country people come to town; a time of year when stupid things happen. Bust - to apprehend for an illegal activity; to go bankrupt; a police raid. Ding - a dent or damaged section of a car, bike, surfboard, etc. Down the road - term indicating distance but no particular distance, it could be a few hundred metres but may be a few hundred miles. Hanging Rock, or Mount Diogenes as it’s also known, is a rare volcanic formation near the townships of Woodend and Mount Macedon.One of the best examples of a volcanic plug or mamelon in the world, it has been exposed to considerable weathering and erosion, resulting in a conglomeration of unusual rock formations.

Instead, vowels are lengthened or have an /'/ off-glide, so fire becomes /fai'/, far becomes /fa:/, and so on.

There is so much more to do at Hanging Rock than just walking up the Rock .

Families can gather in the large shady picnic grounds and play games on the wide expanses of lawn or have coffee and a quality sit-down meal in the cafe.

Compo - compensation for injury; workers compensation. Crook - sick, disabled, bad inferior; a thief; to get angry. Cut up - to cause distress to; to criticise severley.

Codger - a bloke, fellow, especially elderly and a little odd. Full of it - someone is full of it if they are a liar.

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