Parents strict about dating Playstation chat naked

D and I got very serious very quickly and my parents didn’t like it.

They didn’t approve of D, who was your typical insufferable emo teenager (my mom wanted me to date the blonde, tall, good-looking captain of the football team. D and I were obsessed with each other, but my parents weren’t having it.

They quickly made a rule that I wasn’t allowed to see D during the week, only on the weekends… Since we couldn’t hang out together Monday-Thursday, D and I would talk on the phone for all hours of the night. When considering the other things most high school kids do and go through, my parents should have been on their knees thanking me for being the daughter I was.

While it may seem like you're the only girl in the world whose parents are this strict, rest assured you are not alone in the parental oppression.

This can sometimes lead to rebellion because while under a strict rule system, children don’t get the opportunity to learn right from wrong themselves.

That was when L had to awkwardly explain to my mom that her parents couldn’t talk because they were taking a bath… When I was 15-years-old, I started dating a guy we’ll call D.

Or sometimes, they know there is no way they can hit the bar you have set so they don’t even try." Here are 16 signs that you are too strict with your kids along with suggestions for what you can do about it.

Nancy Darling, Ph D, a psychology professor at Oberlin College, says, "It's a sign that you are too strict for everyone’s good if you set so many rules that you can’t possibly enforce them all." Instead, she says, set fewer rules and be consistent in reinforcing them.

What about your fifth grader who is not doing well in school and refuses to do his homework -- do you take away his television or video privileges?

"They are eager to please and worried about parental approval," Short says, "so you end up with kids that are anxious and indecisive.

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