Updating ps2 software

I've found reports that the hard disks are user upgradable on wikipedia.I'm just trying to figure out the current "state of the union." While I can't comment on the state of backwards compatibility, I am relatively certain that there are no restrictions on installing a new SATA hard drive.Been waiting to play some of your favorite classic Sony Play Station 2 games on your PS4 console? PS4 owners will be able to download and play PS2 games via the Play Station Store in the Americas and Europe, Sony said in a press release Friday.

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The Asus Support Device should now pop up as an option. I just installed the asus driver and HAVEN'T reboot my pc. Now it work and windows haven't ask me for any update. Now my external mouse works like it did before and it disables the trackpad when it's plugged in.

For the Logitech G9 and G9x Gaming Mice, use Set Point 5.1.

My PS2 has finally died, and I am looking to hunt down a PS3 60GB for the hardware backwards compatibility. Since I've never really used a PS3, I have a few questions.

Or y'know, use Safe Mode, but I'm not too familiar with that personally. I didn't have to do use the automatic hide updates utility.

By the time I get the troubleshooter to run, I am already getting a popup saying the Asus recommended drivers have been installed and I need to restart. I have disabled anything from startup that I think isn't important but still can't beat the installation message. Have you guys tried to uninstall the drivers and not restart, but run the troubleshooter immediately after? And if that doesn't do it, you could of course disconnect your laptop from the internet to prevent Windows from checking for updates (of course you'll need to be connected when running the troubleshooter).

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