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Though Lucy s friends try to counsel her about breaking up with him, her confusion only mounts. After Zach s violence puts Lucy in the hospital, she has to examine some of the issues. Being assertive can help you express your opinions and feelings, make requests of others and respond to requests of More information It s Not Right! More information Schizophrenia Schizophrenia is a chronic, severe, and disabling brain disorder which affects the whole person s day-to-day actions, for example, thinking, feeling and behavior. Assessment of Domestic Violence for Child Protective Services (CPS) Decision Making Guidelines for Interviewing More information The Hidden Side of Domestic Abuse: Men abused in intimate relationships 2009 Pandora s Project By: Katy "Men too are victims and women too are perpetrators; neither sex has a monopoly of vice or virtue" More information Raising Awareness About Bullying What is Bullying? Identify elements of compassion shown in various images.

Sarah* was 14 when she accepted an invitation to hang out with a senior boy on whom she “had a huge crush.” She knew him from school and trusted him. He’ll protect me.” Sarah did not think anything was wrong as each of the boys left the room in succession.

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To recognize the typical cyclic nature of dating violence. Give individual opinions on the MYTHS ABOUT ABUSE worksheet. Bullying is a widespread and serious problem that More information Chapters 1-3: Recall a first day of school when you were younger. Often, the root of jealousy lies More information Public Legal Education and Information Service of New Brunswick Activity Book This Activity Book is published by: Public Legal Education and Information Service of New Brunswick P. Box 6000 Fredericton, More information Bullying only happens in schools Flashcard 1 Question Copyright Family Lives 2014 If you report the bullying to a teacher then you are a snitch Flashcard 2 Question Copyright Family Lives 2014 This is More information BBC Learning English Funky Phrasals Dating Grammar auction You are going to buy correct sentences.

To acknowledge that inventing myths and depending on mistaken notions are signs of an unhealthy relationship. Preview the video to determine unfamiliar vocabulary and language concepts. Research present statistics concerning dating violence. Tally the results, and retain for discussion after viewing the video. How did you view school: with excitement, dread, or boredom? First, read the sentences below and decide whether they are correct or incorrect.

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